5 Reasons to Visit a Bed and Breakfast This Autumn

With the leaves changing color and the weather cooling down, autumn is the perfect time to take a trip to a bed and breakfast. You can cozy up by the fireplace, enjoy the autumn scenery, and indulge in all the delicious treats of the season. Plus, there are usually plenty of Halloween and harvest-themed activities to enjoy. So whether you're looking for a romantic getaway, a family-friendly vacation, or an effortless staycation, a bed and breakfast is a perfect choice this autumn.

A Leaf-Peeping Paradise

The leaves are one of the most mesmerizing aspects of autumn. They come in a medley of colors, from deep reds to bright oranges, and their changing hues can be breathtaking. A bed and breakfast is the perfect place to begin enjoying the dazzling delight of the leaves. Imagine waking up to the view of a golden sunrise casting over the trees as you take a look from your window. Take time to wander about picture-perfect gardens with stunning mature trees, and then head out for some incredible leaf-peeping nearby.

Tasty Treats

There are plenty of reasons to visit a bed and breakfast this autumn, but seasonal treats are one of our favorites. First of all, the food is always incredible. You can expect hearty breakfasts to start your day and delicious evening nibbles to keep you going. Innkeepers take breakfast seriously, and you can often expect to dine on fresh, seasonal ingredients that highlight the region's harvest. If you've got a sweet tooth, just wait until you try time-tested classics like pumpkin muffins, pecan pie, or apple crisp, just to name a few. Bed and breakfasts are always a delight for gourmands and those who seek a unique culinary experience.

Welcoming Innkeepers

Innkeepers make autumn magical for guests by creating an inviting atmosphere and incorporating festive elements into the decor. From cozy fireside nooks to festive fall-themed menus, innkeepers know how to make their guests feel at home and welcome during autumn. And, of course, they know how to make the most of the stunning fall foliage, with recommendations for the best scenic walks and drives for guests to enjoy. In short, they know just how to make your fall stay extra special.

Friendly Atmosphere

As the leaves change color and the weather gets cooler, spending time at a bed and breakfast can be the perfect way to relax and enjoy the fall season. One of the best parts about staying at a bed and breakfast is connecting with fellow guests. Whether you're sharing stories around the fire or laughing over breakfast, getting to know the people you're staying with can make your experience all the more enriching. So if you're looking for a way to connect with others this fall, consider spending a few nights at a bed and breakfast. You're sure to create some lasting memories.

Amazing Locations to Explore

There's something genuinely marvelous about exploring unique locations nearby while staying at a bed and breakfast in autumn. The quaint towns, countryside farms, and tree-lined neighborhood streets are all so beautiful this time of year. And there are many enjoyable outdoor activities to partake in this time of year, such as nature walking, pumpkin patches, and apple picking. So if you're looking for a fun outing this autumn, check out unique spots in the area near your B&B. You're sure to love the season's beauty like never before.

We hope this has inspired and excited you for the many travel opportunities that fall brings. You can look forward to a warm, welcoming atmosphere, cozy spots for relaxing, an abundance of beautiful scenery, and of course—mouth-watering treats. As we enter a new chapter and new season, we hope you find your next autumn retreat in a B&B as you plan your next trip!

Scoring a Good Deal on a Bed and Breakfast Stay

So you want to stay at a bed and breakfast, but you must get a good deal on your booking. There are many different types of bed and breakfasts, and their price range can vary as well. The best way to get a great deal on your booking is getting in touch with innkeepers and seeing what sort of offers are available. For deal hunters, there are a few things to look out for to secure that awesome rate for your next getaway. Read on to find out more about how to get a good deal on a bed and breakfast stay.

Last-Minute Bed and Breakfast Deals

Last-minute deals are offered by most bed and breakfasts and are a great option for quick getaways and spur-of-the-moment trips. Innkeepers offer this amazing deal to fill rooms that would go vacant unless someone happens to need accommodations on short notice. Typical deals include a percentage off your nightly rate when you inquire the day before or the day of your booking. If you’re on the road and looking for a place to stay for the night, you should always check to see if there is a last-minute deal available.

Off-Season Bed and Breakfast Rates

The off-season, or low season, is a time of year that bed and breakfasts typically see fewer bookings due to a decrease in travel patterns. The low season lasts from November through March when most people like to stay home and out of the colder weather. This is the perfect time of year to dash away for a laid-back weekend, and you’ll get a great rate on your bed and breakfast booking. A side benefit to traveling during the low season is avoiding the crowds at popular destinations, plus there will be plenty of space to spread out at your uncrowded inn.

Multiple Nights and Extended Stays at a Bed and Breakfast

One of the easiest ways to get a good deal on a bed and breakfast stay is by taking advantage of multiple-night discounts. Discounts start at the three-night mark and get better the more nights you stay. You might see an offer for 10% off three nights, 15% off five nights, and 20% off 7 nights or more. It’s like getting an extra night for free and is the perfect deal for those who plan to stay for an extended period. Like most bed and breakfast deals, it’s important to book directly with your innkeeper so you can have your discount applied to the booking.

Large Suites for Groups at a Bed and Breakfast

This deal is a little less obvious than our others, but it should not be overlooked. Many travelers don’t know that many bed and breakfasts offer a large suite or separate guest house for large groups who want to have the inn experience. These unique suites are the ideal choice for families and large parties who want to get a good value from their booking. Some suites can accommodate up to a dozen guests, all for a relatively affordable nightly rate. What's more, your whole party will get to enjoy the amenities of the bed and breakfast and enjoy a home-cooked meal in the morning. Large bed and breakfast suites offer some of the lowest nightly rates per person of all the lodging options out there.

Bed and Breakfast Bundles and Extras

A fun way to get more value out of your bed and breakfast stay is by choosing a bundle offered by your inn. Bundles that you will come across include romantic packages, adventure packages, and packages that connect you with a local guide or tour. Choose a romance package to treat your sweetheart to chocolates, wine, spa treatments, and a restaurant reservation. Adventurers will enjoy packages that take them on hot air balloons, white water rafting, or hiking in scenic locations. Get personal attention from guides like expert fishermen, golf pros, and sommeliers with a package that lets you explore activities near the bed and breakfast. Bundle packages help you get more out of your stay, and make the overall experience even more memorable.

Check bnbloop for Special Deals on Bed and Breakfasts

A great way to score a good deal on a bed and breakfast stay is by checking out bnbloop for special deals from the best bed and breakfasts. Simply browse through our collection of inns and look for the “Special Offer” banner in the top right corner of the page. Bnbloop lets you get in touch directly with innkeepers, so you can be sure to get a great deal on your booking.


With that, we wish you happy deal hunting and hope you have an awesome getaway at your next bed and breakfast. Try one or more of these easy money-saving techniques to have a great trip while also getting great value out of your travel budget. As always, you can head over to bnbloop where you’ll find a variety of bed and breakfasts to compare and explore on one convenient site. Sign up for our newsletter to get more tips and news about the bed and breakfast world.

Staying at an Inn: 3 Tips to Make Your Stay More Enjoyable

You planned your stay at an inn, and now you’re wondering, “what should I do to make the most of my time here?” Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve decided on the top three practical tips to make your stay at an inn more enjoyable. Read on to find out how you can make the most of your valuable vacation time and get the most out of your stay at an inn.

Be Social, Get To Know Guests and Innkeeper

One of the hallmarks of an inn is the personal atmosphere that allows guests to meet their innkeeper and other guests. While you can always choose to be more reserved and have a more private experience, you’ll have a more memorable time if you get to know your fellow travelers and host. Many inns put on an afternoon cocktail party or reception which gives everyone a chance to casually mingle in a laid-back setting. You might learn about local hot spots that aren’t on your guidebook or make a connection with a newfound friend. Getting to know your innkeeper is a must, for you will learn about the interesting history of the inn and get to appreciate the person welcoming you into their home. Being social is one of the best things you can do to make your stay at an inn more enjoyable, and it’s an experience you won’t find at other types of accommodations. Many guests return to the same inns time and again, and truly treasure their connection with their hosts.

Take Advantage Of Amenities and Extra Services

If you want to make your stay at an inn more enjoyable, try to take advantage of amenities and extra services that can enhance your overall experience. This tip is especially useful for couples looking for the perfect romantic getaway, since inns cater to lovebirds with their special services. Most inns offer some sort of romance package, which will include a bottle of local wine, quality chocolates, and a reservation at the best restaurant in town. Whether you’re a couple or just someone who wants to be pampered, an on-site massage is a great way to relax and receive a luxury treatment during your stay. Some inns even offer events like cooking classes hosted by a professional chef— which are a great way to have fun and learn something new. Almost all inns provide the comforts of home in the form of a stocked snack pantry and beverage fridge that is available to all guests day and night. To make the most of your time at an inn, consider taking advantage of the services and amenities that can make your trip extra special.

Get Out and Explore the Surrounding Area and Attractions

A must-do for those looking to enjoy their stay at an inn is exploring the surrounding area and attractions. Some inns are located in established neighborhoods that allow for on-foot exploration of nearby cafes, restaurants, and independent small businesses. An inn is a great place to stay if you want to live like a local because you can get advice about where to go from your innkeeper and stay in a place that feels like home. Other inns have easy access to natural features like the beach, mountains, or national parks. Your inn may offer packages that make it easy to tour some of the popular spots and attractions in the area, so make sure to look for that to enhance your stay.


We hope you now have some more insight into the world of inns and the features that make them a unique accommodation choice. Get to know the others at the inn, they might make some great recommendations for your next day of adventuring. Take advantage of the unique offerings from your host and inn to make lasting memories of your stay. Overall, to make your stay at an inn more enjoyable, embrace the experience and don’t be afraid to share a few laughs over the breakfast table.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Small Town This Summer

Small towns have it all. Wonderful historic downtowns, independently owned restaurants, and nearby attractions like wineries and farms. You may just be getting out and traveling for the first time in a while, and a small town is a great way to get back into the vacation scene. Small towns offer a vacation experience that is convenient for all types of travelers: families, couples, and friends alike. There are also many festivals and seasonal attractions to enjoy. We’re listing some of our top reasons to visit a small town this summer that will make you want to pack your bags and hit the road.

Walk Everywhere in a Small Town

A small town is the best of both worlds; smaller than an overwhelmingly big city and more connected than rural places. This is why it’s a great choice for those who enjoy the convenience and fun of walking during a vacation. In a small town, you can walk your way around to grab a coffee, go to a park, and visit the farmer’s market all without relying on a car. Forget the hassle of parking garages, valets, and confusing public transport; with a small town, you can step out your door and enjoy a relaxing stroll. It’s also a great way to brush elbows with locals and stop for a chat and maybe get some great tips on where to eat or visit nearby. If you’re someone who likes to walk, a small town is a wonderful option for your next summer vacation.

Small Town Downtown Attractions

Many small towns have beautiful, historic downtown districts. You'll easily be able to spend a whole day shopping, dining, and enjoying the local businesses amongst charming architecture. Start your day with freshly made pastries from the bakery, find your special keepsake at the antique store, peruse local art at a gallery, and treat yourself to a hometown meal from independent restaurants. Finish off your day by attending a classic movie at the classic cinema that transports you to a time gone by. These are the kinds of things you can expect to experience downtown on a summer visit to a small town.

Local Farms and Wineries Near Small Towns

Summer is a time when things are in bloom, and that's great news for everyone who visits a small town during this season. Located on the outskirts of small towns, farms and wineries are some of the most fun places to visit with friends and family. Kids will love picking their very own blueberries or strawberries that you’ll be able to take home and snack on. Many different farms specialize in produce, dairy, and flowers and you can bring back a bit of local flavor when you’re done visiting them. Wineries are a wonderful date idea that offers tours and tastings in an enchanting setting. Take a few bottles with you and keep them for special occasions that will bring back memories of your small-town adventure.

Small Town Festivals

All across the country, you’ll find festivals galore in small towns this summer. Local festivals are the perfect way to spend a day experience the culture and mingle with the residents of a particular small town. Foodies will love gourmet festivals that feature themes like Italian, German, Vegan, and street food. At these festivals, you’ll also be able to sample the local beer and wine of the area and kick back while enjoying a summer breeze. You might be able to catch a summer music festival with outdoor concerts from artists of all kinds. During the summer a favorite thing for locals and visitors alike will be the fairs hosted by the county or state. Head to the fairgrounds to take thrill rides, eat funnel cake and corn dogs, watch a rodeo, and peruse the numerous booths and attractions. Summer is a great time to visit small towns because they offer many exciting events to attend while taking place in a relaxed environment.

Stay at a Bed and Breakfast in a Small Town

There’s nothing better than a summer morning at a bed and breakfast in a charming small town. You’ll awaken to a hot meal that often features local ingredients and garden-fresh fruits and veggies. It’s the perfect starting point for your day’s adventures; your innkeeper will get to know you and will be able to recommend places to check out during your stay. You’ll feel welcomed right away with all the amenities and comforts of home and lots of extra spaces that you won’t find at other lodging options. Just imagine sitting out on a wraparound porch with some iced tea as you watch the passersby while the sun sets. If you’re looking to visit a small town this summer, choose a bed and breakfast to have the best experience. You’ll find many small-town bed and breakfasts on our site that are bursting with charm and feature luxurious accommodations for your next trip.


This is a great year to visit a small town during the summer. Maybe you haven’t been traveling much lately, or maybe you or your group need somewhere that’s convenient and relaxed; a small town can be a great option for families, friends, and even a romantic getaway. Enjoy seeing a new place and take part in some of the activities available in the area. Small towns are big on character and have lots of surprises just waiting to be discovered. Happy travels!

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Next Bed and Breakfast

Let's be honest, finding the ideal place to stay for a vacation can be hard. You want a place that has the amenities you need, is affordable and has a good reputation. You want an inn that is close to the attractions that you want to see and will make it easy to get around. There are many aspects to consider before you book your stay: What type of traveler are you? Are you taking your spouse or significant other, or are you traveling alone? Do you have children? Do you want to be right on the beach or would you prefer to be in town? These are all great questions you may want to ask yourself and to help you answer them, we've put together the "Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Next Bed and Breakfast". We hope it will help you make the choice that's best for you and your loved ones.

Determine the Type of Bed and Breakfast Experience You Want

There are many different experiences out there when it comes to bed and breakfasts. Some inns have just a few rooms, creating a small and intimate atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re right at home. Others are larger and feature lots of space and a chance to get to know more guests during your stay. Many travelers seek out bed and breakfasts for the chance to stay at a historical residence or building amongst the charm and splendor of a simpler time. There are also modern inns that cater to those who want updated amenities and furnishings while still providing the personal service that can only be found at a bed and breakfast. Alternative bed and breakfasts like a treehouse or even “glamping” style inns can be a great choice for adventurous types. There are a multitude of different bed and breakfasts out there, so when you’re choosing your next one, start by determining the experience you would like to have.

Consider Your Travel Companions

To choose the best bed and breakfast, be sure to consider your travel companions and their preferences and requirements. Some bed and breakfasts are very family-friendly, offering large suites with extra beds, while others cater to adults only. Many bed and breakfasts can accommodate the elderly, disabled, or those with special needs, offering accessible suites and amenities. Finally, some bed and breakfasts allow your furry friends to come along and may have an on-site kennel or relationship with a pet daycare. A bed and breakfast can be a great choice for any type of traveler, when searching for the one that's right for you remember who is going and what sort of features they will benefit from most.

Consider the Location and Attractions

One of the most important factors for choosing a bed and breakfast is the location and nearby attractions that will be available. There are many different settings out there, from country farms to urban estates to charming small towns and everything in between. Each bed and breakfast has its distinct locational advantage, some will be near nature spots like beaches, forests, and national parks. Others will have great walkability, making it easy to explore a new town on foot. Some bed and breakfasts can offer guests add-on packages that connect you with tours that visit local attractions such as wineries, historical sites, and other adventures. Be sure to check out all of the things nearby your prospective bed and breakfast, since you’ll want to spend time enjoying the location you’re visiting.

Consider the Amenities and Services

You will want to look into the amenities and services available at a bed and breakfast when searching for the right one for you and your group. Room amenities and general amenities will be a big part of the overall experience, and you may wish to weigh your options before making your final decision. For some, room amenities such as a whirlpool tub, fireplace, or private balcony may be the most important factors when planning their ideal trip. Others prioritize more general amenities like sitting areas, outdoor space, and personalized services like teatime, treats, or spa treatments. It is possible to find a bed and breakfast that has most of what you need, even down to the breakfast served in the morning! By carefully considering amenities and services, you will be able to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience that is tailor-made for you.

Consider the Costs

There are inns for every budget and can often be an economical choice for all group sizes. As mentioned previously, finding a bed and breakfast with the right location, amenities, experience, and suitability for your group are all key to having a great time during your stay. If you can satisfy all of the items on your checklist, it may be worth it if your desired inn has a higher nightly rate than other places. Many bed and breakfasts offer discounts for multiple nights, group rates, or have a large suite that can accommodate more than just two guests; this makes it a feasible choice for travelers looking to stick to a budget or those who wish to stay for an extended period. Bed and breakfasts provide a great value to travelers, including breakfast meals and extra perks you won’t find at other lodging establishments, so bear that in mind when comparing your options.

Consider the Reviews

Online reviews can provide a wealth of information during your decision process of choosing a bed and breakfast. These reviews can provide valuable insight into highlights, the hosts, and even some possible drawbacks about a particular bed and breakfast or location. The benefit of online reviews is that you can hear directly from past customers who may have visited the destination shortly before your planned trip and can provide a detailed account of their recent experience. If you don’t see many reviews for an inn you’re interested in, don’t run away just yet, you may have discovered an up-and-coming bed and breakfast, and they will go out of their way to earn a review from you!


This concludes our guide to choosing your next bed and breakfast, we hope you will keep it in mind when searching for your next getaway. From amenities to travel companions, to the overall experience, your next bed and breakfast should be one that’s a great fit for you and your traveling companions. You can start your search and compare bed and breakfasts of all kinds on bnbloop—your bed and breakfast connection.

5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

We all need a little vacation from time to time, and we want this special occasion to be a refreshing one. When it comes to finding a place to stay, there are many options to choose from. Everything from traditional hotels to resorts, house rentals, and many others. But for experienced travelers and those seeking an elevated experience, there are many reasons why a bed and breakfast might just be the ultimate place to spend a few quality nights. Here are just 5 reasons you should consider a bed and breakfast for your next getaway!

Plenty of Amenities and Comforts

You will find that a bed and breakfast will offer many of the same amenities that you may be accustomed to while staying in a luxury hotel, such as a TV with cable, comfortable beds, and even a jacuzzi tub. At a bed and breakfast, however, you’ll enjoy an expanded experience, with extra amenities you can’t find elsewhere. Inn rooms are full of character, staying in one offers guests a one-of-a-kind stay that will be more memorable than what a typical hotel room can provide. Outside of your room, the main house will have several nooks and sitting areas for relaxing or having a cup of coffee. Many bed and breakfasts feature game rooms, libraries, front porches with rocking chairs, gardens, and great rooms where guests can chat by the fireside. There are plenty of amenities to enjoy and lots of space to spread out and relax with family and friends.

Homemade Breakfast to Start Your Day

The obvious appeal of a bed and breakfast is to enjoy a relaxing night's sleep. But what could be more relaxing than waking up to an awesome breakfast? When you stay at a bed and breakfast, you can expect to have homemade breakfast served hot and fresh every morning. Unlike a typical continental breakfast found in commercial lodging, breakfast at an inn is a special occasion and is made with care. Bed and breakfast chefs combine fresh ingredients with artistry to create hearty meals with gourmet twists. You’ll get the chance to try handed down family recipes, local dishes, and something that can only be found at your inn.

A Location to Explore

Bed and breakfasts come with the added benefit of having great locations that make exploring the area fun and easy. From historic downtowns to quiet countrysides, a bed and breakfast’s location allows guests to travel like a local by staying in the heart of it all. Staying at a bed and breakfast is a fun way to see your town; even if you have seen all of the major attractions in a particular city, there are many more little-known places that you can find out about from your host. In fact, your innkeeper can serve as your concierge, letting you know about local attractions and events so you can get the most out of your visit.

Unique and Personalized Host Service

A bed and breakfast is different from other lodging options in that you will have a dedicated host who will offer personalized service and a unique experience. Innkeepers are dedicated to creating a welcoming environment and atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on guests. Your host will be delighted to make your stay awesome, from a quick weekend getaway to special occasions, a bed and breakfast stay will be a great choice for all who seek top-level service. When you stay at a bed and breakfast, you get to meet the person who owns and operates the inn and will be enjoying their unique style and hospitality. Your innkeeper will be around to offer tips about things to do, serve you breakfast in the morning, and also for a chat to get to know you personally.

Extra Perks and Goodies

One of the things that most bed and breakfasts do is provide unique perks. There is sure to be something surprising or luxurious waiting to be discovered when you stay where personal touches come standard. Maybe your innkeeper has a box of local chocolates waiting upon arrival, or an afternoon service of hors d’oeuvres and drinks on the outdoor patio. Many inns offer additional services such as spa treatments or romantic room service that can make those special occasions even more enjoyable. Your bed and breakfast can also help you connect with local tour guides and activities so you can make the most of your vacation time.


These are our 5 reasons why you should stay at a bed and breakfast for your next getaway. From upgraded amenities to amazing locations, to personalized service, staying at a bed and breakfast can be one of the best ways to travel. Offering guests sumptuous comfort, modern conveniences, and unique style, inns are so much more than just a place to get a good night's sleep, though, you’re sure to get that as well!

When you’re planning your next vacation, take a look at the many bed and breakfasts that are available, and find one that interests you. Our site enables you to search bed and breakfasts by category as well as location, so you can find the one that's ideal for your adventure.