You planned your stay at an inn, and now you’re wondering, “what should I do to make the most of my time here?” Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve decided on the top three practical tips to make your stay at an inn more enjoyable. Read on to find out how you can make the most of your valuable vacation time and get the most out of your stay at an inn.

Be Social, Get To Know Guests and Innkeeper

One of the hallmarks of an inn is the personal atmosphere that allows guests to meet their innkeeper and other guests. While you can always choose to be more reserved and have a more private experience, you’ll have a more memorable time if you get to know your fellow travelers and host. Many inns put on an afternoon cocktail party or reception which gives everyone a chance to casually mingle in a laid-back setting. You might learn about local hot spots that aren’t on your guidebook or make a connection with a newfound friend. Getting to know your innkeeper is a must, for you will learn about the interesting history of the inn and get to appreciate the person welcoming you into their home. Being social is one of the best things you can do to make your stay at an inn more enjoyable, and it’s an experience you won’t find at other types of accommodations. Many guests return to the same inns time and again, and truly treasure their connection with their hosts.

Take Advantage Of Amenities and Extra Services

If you want to make your stay at an inn more enjoyable, try to take advantage of amenities and extra services that can enhance your overall experience. This tip is especially useful for couples looking for the perfect romantic getaway, since inns cater to lovebirds with their special services. Most inns offer some sort of romance package, which will include a bottle of local wine, quality chocolates, and a reservation at the best restaurant in town. Whether you’re a couple or just someone who wants to be pampered, an on-site massage is a great way to relax and receive a luxury treatment during your stay. Some inns even offer events like cooking classes hosted by a professional chef— which are a great way to have fun and learn something new. Almost all inns provide the comforts of home in the form of a stocked snack pantry and beverage fridge that is available to all guests day and night. To make the most of your time at an inn, consider taking advantage of the services and amenities that can make your trip extra special.

Get Out and Explore the Surrounding Area and Attractions

A must-do for those looking to enjoy their stay at an inn is exploring the surrounding area and attractions. Some inns are located in established neighborhoods that allow for on-foot exploration of nearby cafes, restaurants, and independent small businesses. An inn is a great place to stay if you want to live like a local because you can get advice about where to go from your innkeeper and stay in a place that feels like home. Other inns have easy access to natural features like the beach, mountains, or national parks. Your inn may offer packages that make it easy to tour some of the popular spots and attractions in the area, so make sure to look for that to enhance your stay.


We hope you now have some more insight into the world of inns and the features that make them a unique accommodation choice. Get to know the others at the inn, they might make some great recommendations for your next day of adventuring. Take advantage of the unique offerings from your host and inn to make lasting memories of your stay. Overall, to make your stay at an inn more enjoyable, embrace the experience and don’t be afraid to share a few laughs over the breakfast table.